Message From Management

On behalf of Al Salam International Hospital staff and physicians, we would like to welcome you and share with you our total commitment in providing exceptional, safe and compassionate patient care service to all our patients and their families.

Your comments, suggestions, queries, and feedback are always welcome and extremely valuable to us. It will help us to meet all your healthcare needs.

Dr. Ayman S. AL Mutawa – Chief Executive Officer


Our Vision: Leader of Excellence in Health Care       

Our Mission: Provide high quality healthcare services in an ethical environment 

Our Values ( Trust ): Teamwork - Respect - Up to Standards  - Social Responsibility - Truth


Electrical appliances
According to the safety standards applied at Al-Salam International Hospital, the use of electrical devices that the patient brings with him outside the hospital is strictly prohibited. Patients are allowed to use only electric devices that run on batteries. And all patient rooms contain safety instructions to be followed in case of emergency.

Nurse call bell
The patient can call the in- charge nurse by pressing an call bell that has been installed next to each bed in all patient rooms, and there is also a rope connected to a similar bell in the bathroom of each room to call the nurse when the patient needs an assistance while he is in the bathroom.

Emergency Safety Instructions
The patient should identify the emergency exits through a depicted direction maps, which is fixed in all the hallways of the hospital and patient rooms, The hospital periodically runs safety checks with mock emergency exercises. In the event that you hear the alarm bell announcing the emergency, stay in your room and keep your calm and wait for instructions from the hospital staff, as the hospital staff are trained to protect patients in various emergencies situation
 In the event of a fire, please follow the instructions of the hospital staff. Stay calm and if you are asked to leave the area, go to the nearest fire emergency exit and go to the emergency assembly point to which you will be directed. If you are unable to move, hospital staff will provide you with transportation to the assembly  area outside the hospital.

In case of fire, the elevator is not used. Use the closest stairs to your room.

 Due to the fire risks associated with the use of incense and candles, the use of any of them in patient rooms is strictly prohibited. Remember that the atmosphere in patient rooms is saturated with oxygen and sensitive medical devices, so any flame in the room may cause an explosion.

Regulations for patients' attendants
Based on the recommendations of the attending physician, one attendant is allowed to stay and overnight with you to assist you while you are in the hospital, and the attendants are not allowed to enter the critical / intensive care units at the times specified by the hospital administration only.


SIH IN 1964
Al-Salam International Hospital was originally established in 1964, as a small ten bedded Maternity Hospital, staffed by one OBS/GYN Doctor and five nurses.
Since then, the hospital kept growing both in size and number of staff, building on its reputation as a leading private hospital in Kuwait. In May 1992, the hospital widened its scope of services and became a full-fledged secondary care General Hospital.
In January 2001, an ambitious expansion program led to the commencement of the construction of the new facility, which was commissioned on April 16th, 2006.

Today, Al-Salam International Hospital is a 190 bedded hospital, providing Obstetric Gynecology, Surgical, Medical, Pediatric and Critical Care Services. As a commitment to its logo statement “Trust” and utilizing the Accreditation Canada Performance Improvement Standards as a mean of fulfilling the organizational mission and vision, SIH ensures the acquisition of state-of-art technology, recruitment of highly qualified and trained clinical and non-clinical workforce, in addition to the provision of continuing education programs and keeping abreast with evidence-based practices.


Awards And Accreditations

  • Certificate of participation in the College of American Pathologists

    Mar 15 ,2022 Certificate of participation in the College of American Pathologists
  • American Heart Association Certificate

    Jan 13 ,2021 American Heart Association Certificate
  • Super Brand Certificate 2019

    Jun 29 ,2019 Super Brand Certificate 2019 Kuwait's Choice
  • Best Hospital Design Award 2013

    Jun 03 ,2019 Best Hospital Design Award 2013
  • Accreditation Certificate

    May 01 ,2019 Accreditation Canada - May 2019-March 2023

At Salam International Hospital, the care of our patients is our main concern. Therefore, the hospital management works hard to improve quality and safety by providing a coordinated and objective approach in all units and departments of the hospital (clinical and non-clinical) and ensuring that the highest quality standards are provided through the application of international accreditation programs.

Al Salam International Hospital, the leading health care institution in Kuwait is pleased to present a summary of its social responsibility activities. We at Al Salam realize that our success and achievements are results of actively serving all categories of the community.

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