• Dr. Kamel Ghoneim

  • Specialist, Urology

  • Urology, Andrology and ESWL Center
  • Al Salam International Hospital         Spoken language : Arabic/English


Specialized in:
- Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility using the most updated medical ,surgical and assisted reproductive technology.
- Early diagnosis of cancer prostate by Annual screening using tumor marker (PSA), rectal examination (DRE ) & transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) with or without biopsies.
- Diagnosis and treatment of Benign prostatic hyperplasia using updated medical , surgical and endoscopic minimally invasive techniques .
- Diagnosis and meticulous treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction using updated medical and surgical techniques.
- Management of children with Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting).
- Management of cases of Urinary Incontinence in women and men using the standard and optional Lab. ,Radiological and Urodynamic studies .
- Management of cases of congenital anomalies of the urethral orifice (Hypospadias) and testis (Ectopy & Cryptorchidism).
- Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary stones using updated medical , surgical , endoscopical and ESWL techniques.
- Management of renal, bladder, prostatic and testicular inammations and tumors .