Nephrology and Dialysis Unit

Nephrology Unit at Al Salam International Hospital serves patients from early kidney disease to the most advanced kidney diseases requiring dialysis therapy.

What we offer:
• Full screening and check-up of kidney function
• Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and resistant hypertension
• Diagnosis and management of acute and chronic kidney diseases
• Management of diabetes related complications on the kidneys (Diabetic Kidney Disease)
• Diagnosis and management of autoimmune disease affecting the kidneys (Lupus Nephritis, Vasculitis)
• Management of Proteinuria
• Management of electrolytes disturbances
• Haemodialysis therapy with state-of-the-art machines, inpatient and outpatient
• Determining the doses of different drugs for patients with renal insufficiency.

Working hours:
Working Hours: Thursday 09:00 AM till 09:00 PM

Contact us:
Direct: 1830003, Ext: 2180/2163


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Dr. Ahmad AlAshker

Consultant, Internal Medicine & Nephrology
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Dr. Anas M. Al-Yousef

Consultant Internal Medicine & Chief of Nephrology Unit