• Dr. Abdulaziz AlShammari

  • Specialist in Advance General Aesthetic Dentistry and Dental Implant

  • Al Salam Dental Center
  •  Al Messila Medical Tower        
     Spoken language : Arabic / English


Specialized in:
- Comprehensive treatment plan.
- Diagnosis of pain of unknown origin.
- Diagnosis and prevention of recurrent cavities.
- Dental treatment under gas sedation for patient with phobia.
- Root Canal Treatment.
- Periodontal treatment and Gum depigmentation. - Restorative, Aesthetic and Preventive Dentistry and teeth bleaching.- Fixed Prosthesis include veneer, crown & bridge.- Removable Prosthesis ( complete &partial denture ).- Invisalign treatment ( clear braces).- Simple extraction, Surgical and Atraumatic extraction.- Dental implant ( surgical & restore) & bone graft. - Helping patients with teeth grinding.