• Dr. Mohamed Shahid

  • Registrar , Oral Surgery

  • Al Salam Dental Center
  •  Al Messila Medical Tower        
     Spoken language : Arabic / English


Treating Trauma of Mouth and Jaws.
- Cyst and Tumour Surgeries of Mouth and Jaws.
- Treating Oral and Maxillofacial Infections.
- Treating Minor & Major Oral Maxillofacial surgeries under Local & General Anesthesia.
- Bone grafting and preprosthetic Surgeries .
- Surgical extraction,Third Molar surgeries and Impaction Surgeries under Local and General Anesthesia.
- Oral Cancer Screening and Biopsies.
- Treating Oral Diseases.
- Salivary gland problems.
- Treating TMJ problems.
- Management of Geriatric and medically compromised patients.
- CBCT - 3D Scan Diagnosis.