1 - Important to know:

  • What to bring?
  • Valid Insurance Card (original)
  • Valid Civil ID (original)
  • Pre - authorization requirement:
    1. Prior authorization is required for certain tests or procedures. The hospital admission is required to follow the insurance policy’s terms & conditions.
  • Time needed to get an approval from the insurance company?
  • It generally takes 10-20 minutes to approve your insurance, but the approval durations vary depending on your insurance company procedures.

2 - Important contacts:

  • Approval Team - IP: 22232000 Ext: - 2352 / 1147
  • Approval Team - OP: 22232000 Ext: - 1165 / 1193

3 - Coverage verification:

4 - Which insurance companies / TPA are accepted in our facility:

  • As one of the Kuwait’s leading healthcare providers, we at SIH accept a wide range of insurance cards for direct billing.
    Extension: - 2352/1147
    Outpatient approvals: 22232000 Extension: - 1165/1193

    Insurance companies / TPA are accepted in our facility


Insurance Company

Contact Number (Company)


Gulf Ins. Group (GIG)







22466247 / 22466249 / 22914031



0035316301351 / 0035316301306 / 7


Med Net

+973 1756 6175


Next Care

22413385/ 0097146056800 / 801 0097146056805



22089333 / 22474272 / 22474277


Kuwait Insurance Company



Al Ahleia

2240033 # 2862












22055099 / 22475497 /(+973) 1756 2500



+971 4 807 0707



+971 4 807 0707



22205069 / 0013027973150 / /22063095



1885511 # 117




Insurance FAQ

1 - Which insurance companies do SIH accept?
Please refer to the list of insurance payers on the website under Insurance Guidelines no. IV.

2 - Is my insurance card eligible for direct billing at SIH?
Please refer to the list of insurance companies above for which cards are accepted through our Insurance Guidelines no. 4.

3 - Am I covered for delivery and maternity services?
For maternity and deliver services on direct billing, kindly confirm with your insurance company. Refer to the policy manual that was provided by the same insurance company.

4 - What maternity/delivery packages are available at your hospital?
Kindly refer to the information help desk, or contact 22232000 (ext. 1027)

5 - My company wants me to seek approval for my surgery/procedure. How should I proceed?

Follow the process of preauthorization according to the guidelines provided by your insurance company. Our dedicated insurance team will ensure that the insurance approval process is as seamless as possible with minimal delays in your treatment schedule. Refer to Insurance Guidelines no. 2.

6 - I have a pending In-Patient authorization request, how will I be informed on the decision?

Once your insurance company approves your requested service, you will receive an SMS within 24 hours from our Medical Insurance Department. Alternatively, you could send your inquiry to email

7 - How does my admission process work?
For your admission, please come to the Admissions Office located on the ground floor of the SIH main building. The staff will guide you through the admission process. In case of further queries, send us an email or call us through the numbers provided.

8 - What documents do I need to bring with me before elective/planned admission?
Bring your valid Civil ID card, Insurance Card and admission form once you have received an SMS confirming your pre-authorization from the insurance company.

9 - Will I be covered for my surgery/admission if I lose my insurance card?

You are required to bring your valid insurance card for direct billing by SIH. Or contact your insurance company for them to provide you with a replacement card or a letter to authorize our services.

10 - What are the facilities provided for a companion guest? Will my insurance cover the charges?
A companion is allowed to spend the night with the patient. The charges for the companion's stay are not covered by most insurance policies unless the patient is below 12 years. Contact your insurance company to confirm the details.

11 - What is not covered by my insurance?
All personal items like diapers, toothbrushes, sanitary pads, and other items like stockings braces, collars, wheelchairs, mouthwash, lozenges etc.

12 - How to make an appointment? To book an appointment, contact our call center through 1830003.
13 - How to book an appointment for medical imaging like ultrasound/MRI/CT - SCAN /X - RAY?
In order to book medical imaging appointments, please contact our call center through 1830003.

14 - How will I be notified if I have the approval for my Out-Patient procedure?
You will receive an SMS from our hospital's Medical Insurance Department. Alternative, you could send us an email or reach us through the numbers provided.

15 - If I have a referral from another hospital, what does SIH require in order for me to get me approved for a test?

The clinic or hospital you have received your referral from should request a pre-approval form from the Insurance Company for any test or service that is to be done at SIH. Then forward your medical information along with the approval copy to the Medical Insurance Department. You will also need to book an appointment for the test afterwards.

16 - How to claim on reimbursement? What are the documents needed and where to get them?
The physician will fill the Insurance Claim Form for reimbursement. The medical records could provide a copy of the medical report (if required) to be submitted along with the invoice to your insurance company.

17 - Where can we file a complaint in regards to customer relation or Insurance?
For complaint registration, contact our call center at 1830003.

18 - What will happen if I don’t bring my insurance card?
A valid insurance card must be physically provided for direct billing. Please contact your insurance company to provide you with a document or email to avail direct billing.

Note: If your insurance is not accepted at your chosen SIH facility, or if your Insurance Company does not cover your treatment, you are welcome to pay for the service yourself. Please ask our front office staff for more details on the self-pay procedure.